The Yucatan Times: First marine cemetery is created in Progreso, Yucatan to honor this year’s deceased

Merida, Yucatan – With the placement of reefs in the Progreso-Telchac section, those who have lost a loved one during this 2020 will be able to pay homage to them since due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, many were not able to say goodbye to them as is traditionally done in Mexico. The company Funerales Señorial will offer the opportunity to engrave the name of the deceased loved one on a bronze plaque and pay homage to him or her in the “Aqua” mode at no cost. Twenty-three marine structures will be placed with 6 plaques each. Each plaque has a capacity of approximately 25 names. According to the demand, there is the possibility of expanding the units to place more names on them. The registration must be done between Thursday, August 27, and Thursday, September 10, to include the name of your loved one in the tributes. On September 20, as part of the event known as “The world united by life”, which takes place every year, the tribute will be transmitted via Facebook on the company’s page. “This year, the event will be dedicated to recognizing the work of funeral professionals and paying tribute to all those who have died during 2020 and did not have the farewell ritual they deserved, thus sharing with the public the sensitivity of the cemetery and funeral industry towards the value of life and respect for memory,” detailed Andrés Aguilar Heck, president of the company. Javier Dajer, representative of Reef Ball Mexico, detailed that this will be the first tribute center and marine cemetery in the world and will be submerged 3 kilometers from the bay of the Marina Silcer, where it will become an artificial reef, and contribute to the restoration and proliferation of marine life. “Our goal is to rehabilitate, which is why we have placed more than a million of these structures under water. In Mexico, since 2001 we have placed more than 30 thousand units throughout the Republic, mainly in the Yucatan Peninsula that has very good characteristics to implement these recovery techniques,” he said. He added with the homage “Aqua”, an artificial reef will be created with special spheres made with all the regulations, where the names of all the people who register will be shown. “The name of the loved one will be captured for eternity, in a reef that will start by being artificial but then will give way to marine life. It is small retribution to the families that lost a loved one, a small moment of liberation important for the mourning, and to know that their name will remain forever in this reef”, he concluded.

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